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MSc Mineral Geosciences

South Dakota fieldwork 2013

South Dakota fieldwork 2013


The master program in Mineral Geosciences is part of the Department of Geology and Mining of the Faculty of Technology and is intended for students with a BSc diploma in Earth Sciences. As a broad, interdisciplinary and profession-oriented study, it prepares students for a career in the minerals industry, government and research institutions, private consultancies and associated activities.

This study covers key aspects of mineral sciences and exploration with special emphasis on the Precambrian Guiana Shield Area of Suriname. The program commenced in 2012 and is completely funded by Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. The second cohort of this program will start in |October, 2015.


The overall objective of the MSc program is to provide a comprehensive training in mineral geosciences. It is the first program of its kind in the Caribbean. The interdisciplinary curriculum  covers key aspects of mineral sciences and exploration with special emphasis on the Precambrian Guiana Shield Area. Geosciences and economic relevance are integrated throughout, e.g. from geological processes and ore formation to economic evaluation of mineral deposits. Teaching is closely related to developing research activities at the department.


The curriculum consists of  1½ year of courses 12 and 6 months of independent research for a master thesis and an internship. Individual courses are given by mainly visiting lecturers from foreign universities (The Netherlands, Canada,  USA and Belgium). These courses are given in blocks of two weeks. In order to facilitate students who have working obligations the courses take place from 17.00-22.00 hr.

At the end of the third semester, a joint field camp of 3 weeks will be held in a geologically instructive area in South Dakota, USA.

Topics covered include: petrology, mineralogy, tectonics, geochemistry, geophysics, remote sensing, sustainable development and economics of mineral deposits. Skills in the analysis of rock, minerals and waters, and in the study of the subsurface are developed by hands-on training in laboratory techniques and core logging, respectively.

Graduates will gain expertise in:

  • Geology and mineral resources of crystalline terrains (emphasis on the Guiana Shield)
  • Petrology and mineralogy
  • Magmatic – hydrothermal processes
  • Geochemical and geophysical exploration of mineral resources
  • Sustainable development of mineral resources
  • Remote sensing and GIS techniques in applied geosciences
  • Analytical techniques, mineral reserve assessments and geostatistics
  • Economics of ore deposits
  • Taking the aspects of mine engineering into account in making geological recommendations
  • Understanding the technical and economic context of mineral geoscience
  • Working in teams, and developing capability to taking the lead when necessary
  • Giving oral presentations for expert and non-expert audiences
  • Writing concise and effective reports
  • Communicating with specialists from other disciplines, in particular those involved in mining, mine engineering, mineral processing, and environmental legislation
  • Technical auditing of geological studies carried out by others



To qualify for admission, the student should have an appropriate BSc diploma in geosciences. International candidates should enter their application for admission by means of the application form. Their academic background will be individually evaluated. Basis of judgment will be

the 80 most relevant study points of this background. A prerequisite for admission can be the following of extra, relevant, geoscience courses. The course coordinator has the final decision for the approval of admission of the candidate. The deadline for admission to the next course will

be announced in due time.

The tuition fee for local students is 1500 euro per year; for international students this fee is 5000 Euro per year. Yearly admission fee is 750 SRD (approx. US $ 200).

Prof. Dr. Th.E. Wong (t.wong@uvs.edu)
N.Kioe-A-Sen, MSc (kasnick@hotmail.com)
Office: Secretary: Lynette Afindoe, Department of Geology and Mining, Faculty of Technology, Anton de Kom University of Suriname, Leysweg 86, POB 9212, Paramaribo, Suriname, Tel.: +597-465558 # 416; Fax: +597 495005.

E-mail: mineral-geosciences-ftew@uvs.edu