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Variable Freguency Drive (VFD) donation for department of Electrical Engineering

DSC_0191On September 10th 2015, Accès au Savoir and University of Suriname Anton de Kom announced the unveiling of a Variable Frequency Drive Demo for the University’s power electronics lab of the electrical engineering department. The project was made possible with the collaboration of the Suriname Gold Company LLC and ABB Canada Inc.

Accès au Savoir, a not-for-profit organization based out in Montreal, Canada, helped bring forth this project through discussions with the electrical engineering department. The objective was to provide the department with the latest technology to help expose students to industrial applications of power electronics.

According to Mr. Martin Ménard, founder of this organization, works  his organization  hard to identify opportunities where they can have a direct impact on local institutions, thereby helping the next wave of professionals to assist their respective countries through growth and innovations. We believe that allowing students to be exposed to the latest technology will fulfill the goals we aim for”.

This donation constitutes the first phase of support that Accès au Savoir will be contributing to the department. The second phase will bring in a drive assembly which will be adapted to provide an optimized user interface for the benefits of the students. The design and scheme of the second phase is presently being finalized and the objective is for the department to receive the assembly before the year ends.”