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Open Campus Lecture Series: Sustainability of the Guiana Shield

5 november, 2018 - 8 februari, 2019

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Program Open Campus Lecture Series: Sustainability of the Guiana Shield

An Open Campus Lecture Series “Sustainability of the Guiana Shield” will be organized as part of the activities around the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname on the 1st of November 2018, and will also be a concrete activity to give effect to the abovementioned strategy. The lecture series are planned in four clusters from November 2018 – February 2019, and will revolve around sustainability issues in relation to the Guiana Shield, as a relevant reality and point of departure to link the academic community with the challenges and development perspectives of our society. Emphasis will be placed on the need for critical discussions and solutions to prioritize sustainability in the development of Suriname, and strengthen the role of Suriname as one of the countries of the Guiana Shield.

In view of the aforementioned considerations for organizing an open campus series, the following general and specific objectives have been formulated. The guiding principle here is that the Open Campus Series should not have “just” a scientific character, but should also result into tangible results that have policy and social relevance.

  • To connect the academic community with policy makers in the public and private sectors, and demonstrate how academic knowledge may contribute to achieve sustainability by designing, elaborating and promoting strategic choices and action plans for a balanced and environmental friendly use of the natural and cultural resources of the Guiana Shield;
  • To strengthen the capacity of AdeKUS as an academic knowledge institute that contributes with solutions for environmental and related sustainability challenges, and specifically the realization of at least 5 scientific conference papers;
  • To contribute to academic and evidence-based national policy-making and partnerships on sustainability, and more specifically:
    1. Realization of at least three policy papers on presented topics;
    2. Working agreements about setting up and strengthening (new or existing) partnerships on at least two thematic areas;
  • To broaden and deepen international collaboration with partners on the Guiana Shield, in particular mainstreaming and integration of Education and Research into policy actions.

The activities of the Open Campus Lecture Series include 19 lectures to be delivered by experts from the region and from Suriname. The thematic series will be conducted in the format of a 2-3 hours plenary lecture in the evening, followed by a half-day workshop the next day, for deepening the topic and formulating policy recommendations. The series will be open to policy makers, academics and University students irrespective of their thematic discipline and other interested persons. The lecture topics are subdivided into four clusters that are held in the following periods:

Cluster 1                       Sustainability, Culture and Local Production:   5-9 November 2018
Cluster 2                       Sustainable production:                                           10-14 December 2018
Cluster 3                       Biodiversity, Socio-biodiversity and Health:     7 – 11 January 2019
Cluster 4                       Regional Integration and Policy:                            4-7 February 2019
Wrap-up session:                                                                                                 8 February 2019.

The following crosscutting issues will be included in all presentations:

  • International standards and codes of conduct
  • Good governance
  • Indigenous and Tribal Peoples.

The following schedule of lectures is anticipated:



Lecture Format Date Time Lecturer


I.Sustainability,     Culture & Local production:

5 – 9 November 2018

1a.Sustainability: Conceptual and practical issues Plenary 5 Nov 19.00-21.00 Glenn Sankatsing
1b. Sustainability: Conceptual and practical issues Workshop 6 Nov 9.00-13.00h Glenn Sankatsing
2a.Guiana Shield History, Colonial heritage, archeology Plenary 6 Nov 18.00-19.30 Renzo Duin
3a.Culture and Musical patterns Plenary 6 Nov 19.30-21.00 Terry Agerkop
2b.Guiana Shield History, Colonial heritage, archeology Workshop 8 Nov. 9.00-13.00h Renzo Duin
3b.Culture and Musical patterns Workshop 8 Nov. 9.00-13.00h Terry Agerkop
4a. Nature, Culture & Local production Plenary 8 Nov 19.00-21.00 Sheila Marhe
4b. Nature, Culture & Local production Workshop 9 Nov 9.00-13.00h Sheila Marhe
5.Panel Sustainability, Culture & Local production Plenary: All presenters 9 Nov 19.00-21.00
II. Sustainable production 10 – 14 December 2018 1a. Sustainable Production Plenary 10 Dec 19.00-21.00 Rene Artist


1b. Sustainable Production Workshop 11 Dec 09.00-13.00h Rene Artist


2a. Energy for Sustainable Development in Suriname – Local energy for local development Plenary 11 Dec 19.00-21.00 Rudi van Els
2b. Energy for Sustainable Development in Suriname – Local energy for local development Workshop 12 Dec 09.00-13.00h Rudi van Els
3a. Promotion of native products and rural sustainable development: the case of sociobiodiversity production chains Plenary 12 Dec 19.00-21.00 Janaina Diniz
3b. Promotion of native products and rural sustainable development: the case of sociobiodiversity production chains Workshop 13 Dec 09.00-13.00h Janaina Diniz
4a. Geology, Geography and sustainable mining (Juridical implications) Plenary 13 Dec 19.00-21.00 Theo Wong
4b. Geology, Geography and sustainable mining (Juridical implications) Workshop 14 Dec 09.00-13.00h Theo Wong
5. Panel Sustainable production Plenary: All presenters 14 Dec 19.00-21.00
III. Biodiversity, sociobiodiversity & Health:

7 – 11 January 2019

1a. Sustainable Forestry and Agriculture Plenary 7 Jan 19.00-21.00 Rudi van Kanten
1b. Sustainable Forestry and Agriculture Workshop 7 Jan 09.00-13.00h Rudi van Kanten
2a. Sustainability of traditional communities Plenary 8 Jan 19.00-21.00 Marie-Josee Artist
2b. Sustainability of traditional communities Workshop 9 Jan 09.00-13.00h Marie-Josee Artist
3a. Health: NCD & Infectious diseases Plenary 9 Jan 19.00-21.00 Marthelise  Eersel
3b. Health: NCD & Infectious diseases Workshop 10 Jan 09.00-13.00h Marthelise  Eersel
4a. Medicinal plants: Linking traditional and academic knowledge Plenary 10 Jan 19.00-21.00 Dennis Mans
4b. Medicinal plants: Linking traditional and academic knowledge Workshop 11 Jan 09.00-13.00h Dennis Mans
5. Panel Biodiversity & sociobiodiversity Plenary: All presenters 11 Jan 19.00-21.00
IV. Regional Integration & Policy:

4 – 7 February 2019

1a. The Guiana shield: Geopolitical region and zone of peace Plenary 4 Feb 19.00-21.00 Mark Kirton
1b. The Guiana shield: Geopolitical region and zone of peace Workshop 5 Feb 09.00-13.00h Mark Kirton
2a. Demography, mobility & Border issues: from obstacles to opportunities Plenary 5 Feb 19.00-21.00 Deryck Ferrier
2b. Demography, mobility & Border issues: from obstacles to opportunities Workshop 6 Feb 09.00-13.00h Deryck Ferrier
3a.Regional Integration Plenary: 6 Feb 19.00-21.00 Caio Pinho Fernandes
3b. Regional Integration Workshop 7 Feb 09.00-13.00h Caio Pinho Fernandes
Wrap-up session

8 February 2019




5 november
8 februari, 2019
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